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What about walking?

September 15, 2019

Walking is the most fundamental and universal means of transport, but can get the least attention. However, Council has been doing some good stuff over the last few years, as this well travelled route from Miramar South to Kilbirnie shows.

In 2014, as a new Councillor, I was thrilled to be able to secure funding to upgrade what is now the Leonie Gill Pathway. This pathway is so loved and well-used by everyone, including walkers, cyclists, dog owners, children learning to scoot or skate, and those who just appreciate a bit of green and pleasant space.

This was followed up with widening and upgrading the footpath along Queens Drive near the Kilbirnie Mosque in 2017, and I am grateful to the adjacent homeowners who co-operated with Council in making the road reserve space available again for public use.

This was followed by improving the approaches, lighting and security for the airport runway subway in 2018, an issue highlighted by residents and local business network Enterprise Miramar. The colourful murals on each side reflecting the character and Maori mythology of the area were designed by artist Shayne Tuffery and painted with the help of students from Rongotai College. Surprisingly there are still locals who are not aware of this amazing connection (off Miro Street on the Miramar side, and off the far end of Coutts Street at the Rongotai side), but perhaps these photos will make the location of the approaches from both sides clearer.

Just recently work has begun to improve the Regal Garden’s walkway leading up to parts of Melrose, which has long been asked for by residents.

There is still more that needs to be done on this and the many other hillside walkways and streets around our suburbs, but I am totally committed to improving all conditions for walking in our city;- walkways, footpaths, safe crossings and safer speeds. The network of cycleways we are building are also an important component of this as they provide appropriate, safe routes for people cycling and scooting, meaning people using these modes are less likely to be tempted to use footpaths.

I hope to be re-elected to Council to continue this work to benefit all our residents and communities!

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