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Free Walking Solution- Hataitai to CBD

October 1, 2019

Would more people walk to work or school from the Eastern suburbs if they didn’t have to use the dark, crowded, loud and smelly Mt Victoria tunnel?

Here’s the idea: can WCC and GWRC work together to give walkers a free trip from one side of the Hataitai bus tunnel to the other?

Once the bus system is up and running with a bit of spare capacity, think what a boon that could be for walkers. They could get on the bus at one side of the tunnel, just stand near the front until through the tunnel and then get off at the first stop on the other side.

If we are serious about encouraging walking and putting it at the top of the transport hierarchy, this could be a simple, cost-effective idea well worth exploring. We need to do more to use our existing infrastructure in an innovative way.

The guys in the photo certainly loved the idea!

As always, I’d be interested in your feedback.

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