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Cool houses in Ipswich, Queensland

June 1, 2013

Have been visiting family in Ipswich and am impressed with how the houses here are designed to cope with this subtropical climate. Lots of solar panels here too-more about that in the next post!


The house in the photo is typical. Fixed awnings over north-facing windows block summer sun,but still let in lower-angled winter sun for warmth. Almost all houses have big overhanging verandas on the east and west, with trellis shields, especially on the west. There is lots of provision for airflow-houses are mostly raised at least a metre off the ground, and there are large trellis false “front doors” so that the actual front door can be left wide open without losing privacy. In some cases, large shrubs or other plants are grown in pots on the verandas to further enhance cooling.

These passive cooling features must reduce the need for aircon which can only be a good thing!

In Wellington, we generally need to design more for keeping houses warm rather than for keeping them cool. However, I have seen some locations (for example of west facing sites in Miramar and Strathmore) where summer overheating can be quite an issue. Maybe some of these ideas might be helpful!


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