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Landslip in Kingston highlights the need for robust water infrastructure

June 2, 2013

The major slip in Kingston yesterday bought back memories of our slip around six years ago when we lost 24 cubic metres of our bank, due to a combination of a wet winter, a neighbour’s leaking water pipe and inadequate storm water provision for the houses on the hill above us.

Thankfully we were insured, and the payment from EQC was sufficient to clear the slip, put in some retaining walls and then repair the driveway.

The Council also eventually agreed to replace the 80 year old sewer main, and to install a proper storm water system where previously neighbouring houses (which dated back to the 1920s) simply relied on soak pits.

I was grateful to our local councillor at the time (now mayor) Celia Wade-Brown for her help, and it highlighted to how much we rely on basic infrastructure being in good condition. Keeping up with work on the three waters (storm, sewerage and potable water) consumes quite a proportion of the Council’s budget, but it is money well spent.


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