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Do the right thing with old TV’s and Computers

June 7, 2013

Most of us have bits and pieces of electronic or computer equipment lying around, lets be honest. Rather than simply taking these to the tip, they can be recycled so that the valuable metals can be retrieved and dangerous components disposed of safely.

Sustainability Trust in Central Wellington (2 Forresters Lane, just off Tory Street, Ph: 04 385 0500) has an e-cycle waste depot. Typical costs are:

laptops -$5

Printers, scanners, fax machines- $12

CRT computer monitors- $15

TV’s – $25

They also recycle cables, toner cartridges batteries etc, and will accept domestic appliances. For a full list of costs see

Yes it costs to recycle… but the alternative is wasteful too. Below is a photo of some of the e-waste packaged up and ready to be delivered.



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  1. Just discovered, you can get a cheaper price ( $5) for recycling TVs under the “TV Takeback” programme running at Noel Leeming stores, but I think its only TVs not other electronic/ computer equipment

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