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Water tanks for community resilience

June 16, 2013

The Dompost reported recently that in the event of a major earthquake, Wellingtonians  might have to be prepared to survive  up to three weeks  without water…

Now, I know we are all meant to have water stored away, 3 litres per person per day, and to change the water at least every two months or so. That’s  manageable if you have a small household, but becomes a bit more problematic if you have a large number of people.

Could there be a use for small water tanks that could be used to store some emergency water, store extra water for gardening and even potentially relieve some of the pressure on our storm-water system when  heavy rain events occur?

The picture below shows a short squat water tank- however,  I think taller  thinner ones might be more practical for Wellington, given that so many Wellington sections are challenged for space! They could fit under the eaves and be strapped to the side of the house so as to be stable in the event of an earthquake. I would also have it so that when they are getting full they have an outlet pipe back into the storm water system; its not clear that the one in the photo does this.



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  1. I like this idea, Sarah. Looking back to 2011 (in Christchurch) my home was nine days without any water but it was about three months before we were allowed to water gardens. The water I had stored away was sufficient (for three people) until we were able to get out and access drinking water. I think that was about two days.

    But the garden just died. I couldn’t do anything to water it, because there was even very little water going down the drain, that I could have siphoned off for the garden. Personally I think the drinking water is the big issue. Ok so I’m not a big gardener, but I just couldn’t justify pouring such a precious commodity on the garden. People and animals had to come first.

    I do like the idea of a tank (secured to the house) in terms of summertime watering though. It makes good sense.

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