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Curtain Bank helps so many households

June 17, 2013

The Wellington Curtain Bank, which is managed by Sustainability Trust, ( 2 Forresters Lane,  Te Aro,  Ph: 04 389 3400) is such a great initiative! I have always seen the value of curtains for retaining warmth (not to mention providing privacy), and I was instrumental in setting up the curtain bank and promoting it.

The idea  is that people drop off their  unneeded curtains, which can then be repaired (if necessary), lined and altered to fit their new windows. The curtain bank will provide for free, at least one set of curtains to families who have a community services card. Its a great way that people can help support others in need.

Most people don’t realise that  lined curtains can provide as much insulation as the average double glazing. Lining curtains adds considerably to their insulation value, as air (which is a great insulator) gets trapped between the two layers of fabric. In order to stop curtains getting mouldy, put a security stay on just one window and try leaving it open just a crack in the evenings. Surprisingly, this won’t cool the room much at all- but what it will do is reduce the humidity of the room and help stop condensation and mould.

More about ventilation later… in the meantime, here’s a nice snap of me handing out curtains to a client taken just a few days ago at one of the mobile curtain bank clinics! (client’s permission obtained)

curtainbank taita


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