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Reducing Condensation (2)- Keeping bathrooms dry

July 14, 2013

bathroom moisture- squeezee 2

Obviously showering or taking a bath creates steam and moisture in the bathroom (showering more so than a bath).  You can reduce the moisture that stays in your home by:

opening the window (having a security stay attached means you can leave the window open with less worry)

having an extractor fan fitted (a good idea is to have a timer on the switch so that the fan turns itself off a set time after you leave the bathroom- this can be done for a small fee by an electrician)

leaving the bathroom door shut until all the steam is gone- this reduces the moisture that tracks into other parts of the house.

However, another simple option as illustrated above is to squeezee down the walls of the shower following the last shower of the morning. It is surprising how much water is taken off the sides of the walls and straight down the drain this way- immediately the bathroom is much drier.

The squeezee can be purchased for a few dollars from any hardware store, and the process takes less than a minute or two. We first saw this done when we stayed in the home of some american friends- they were surprised that it was a novelty for us- just common practice there apparently.

Oh, and another advantage is that your tiles and grouting will stay in much better condition too. And if you have a glass shower door, keeping it wiped down stops the glass getting those annoying white streaks.


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