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Enclosed Dog Exercise Area- the only one in Wellington

August 4, 2013

The enclosed dog exercise area in Evan’s Bay ( opposite Cogs park) is really popular with owners of small to medium dogs and is apparently the only one in the entire Wellington area. In fact it’s so popular  that I found dog owners travelling from as far away as Lower Hutt, Karori and Tawa  to come here to let their dog off the leash. Apparently, the great advantage is the peace of mind from knowing that your dog can’t run off or get hurt, and neither do you have to worry about it annoying anyone who doesn’t like dogs.

And really, its just a  smallish fenced area with a couple of gates and a few seats. It seems such an inexpensive way of meeting what is obviously a huge need that I cant help but think that we must need several more of them. And if we had more of them that would be less traffic, especially in the weekends, which quite frankly the Eastern suburbs doesn’t need.

Thumbs up to the Wellington Charitable Vet Fund and the Hataitai Resident’s Association, who along with the Council funded the project. The Hataitai residents association installed the two seats which were donated in memory of long term Hataitai resident Marion Henderson ( For more about Marian’s many achievements see the Hataitai Community Website)

Oh… and just for the record, several people said the seats were nice but there could be a few more of them , also a few more shrubs or small trees.

Dog exercise area


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  1. doglobby permalink

    Hey Sarah, that is indeed the only fully fenced off-leash area in Wellington. The good news is there are some fabulous off-leash areas which aren’t fully fenced but which are reasonably secure. I let my 2 notoriously unreliable dogs off without anxiety at Trelissick Park, Tawatawa Reserve and a few others.

    I was so frustrated in trying to find great places to take my dogs that I set up a website called Run Spot Run specially for Wellington dog owners. It reviews almost all the available dog parks and gives useful info about how to get there, what the features are and so on.

    I welcome comments, further information and notices.


    Miraz Jordan

  2. Thank you for your comment Miraz, I appreciate your feedback and I’m sure other people will too- and some will probably go straight to your website!!. I’ll also let people know about your website on my Facebook (Vote Sarah Free for Eastern). Cheers.

  3. Erin permalink

    There’s a fenced off park in Paremata at ngati toa domain that’s owned by (I think) titahi bay canine obedience club but is open to the public.

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