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Earlier bus now possible for Strathmore service

September 7, 2013

After contacting Mathew Lear of Greater Wellington with my concerns about the need for an earlier Strathmore service, I received the following email:

“Just a heads up, after your feedback we’ve  amended the draft timetables and  the 6:20am trip from Strathmore now added to the latest draft timetable which provides a connection to Wellington Hospital arriving 6:50am.

We haven’t changed this on the online webpage yet though- we’re going to do a bit of a refresh on that over the next few weeks”.

Yay!! Hopefully that’s going to be helpful for those starting on the 7.00am shift at the hospital.

I’ve received some other useful feedback from several readers about  bus services, and I’m just sifting through it to see if the concerns raised are addressed in new draft timetables, which will start to be implemented from next year.

The review is a fairly comprehensive piece of work and on the whole I think the bus services will be better. There hasn’t been any extra budget added however, so some less-used services are being trimmed back.

For anyone wanting to take a look for themselves see



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