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Visiting Weta Workshops

September 13, 2013

Colleague David Lee (standing in Southern Ward) and I met with David Wilks, GM at Weta Workshop Wednesday afternoon. The four Weta companies (Weta Workshop, Weta Digital, Wingnut productions and Park Road Post) together employ around 1500 people.  We were given insight into the Weta companies, their world class crew, and cutting edge creative design work. Fascinating industry and outstanding level of talent – in our back yard. Their challenges are to maintain their world class reputation and continue to attract film projects, while looking for opportunities to smooth the flow of work to provide steadier employment. Its a very competitive world-wide industry, so central government decisions around the exchange rate and subsidies have a major impact.

It was good also to have chat about broader issues such as ideas for building business on the peninsula and the airport runway extension.

David Wilks Weta workshop


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