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New graffiti bylaw for Wellington?

March 26, 2014

Glad to say that Wellington City Councils Community Sports and Recreation Committee (of which I am a member), has directed Council officers to work on a possible new bylaw which would allow Council to remove publicly visible graffiti on private property, without needing to contact owners.

In my view, Council does need this provision, as a lot of graffiti vandalism occurs on privately owned fences, garage doors etc. Some owners are good at removing it, but others ( for whatever reason)  are not.  And unfortunately, the longer graffiti remains in situ, the more likely it is that more graffiti will follow.

There will be the need to consult with the community on this as it develops, and other questions to be asked, such as how does Council seek to recoup costs from owners. However,  I believe we do need to take a more proactive attitude to graffiti, which will include keeping a tally of the actual costs of removal and of course, trying to catch  and deal appropriately with offenders.

The picture below shows me working on the cleanup around Newtown last summer.

This combined community/council initiative resulted in a huge reduction in visible graffit, and enhanced sense of pride in their suburb for Newtown residents and businesses..

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  1. By this, you mean public-accessible private surfaces, right?…

    • Strathmore Park permalink

      Good question. I for one don’t want Council wandering on to my property, I’ve got two dogs. You’d expect that they tried to contact the owner first to notify them of their intention, not just have the right to march onto the property.

      I suppose there is always padlocks.

  2. Thank you Sarah! I know this may have been in the works for a while, but Keep Wellington Clean and I definitely support looking at a bylaw. Gregory: it’s definitely publicly visible/accessible surfaces our group are interested in.

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