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San Francisco food writer loves Maranui Cafe

June 15, 2013

San Franciscan food writer Marcia Gagliardi ,  San Franciscan food writer, Huffington Post blogger and flamboyant founder of the internationally recognised Tablehopper food review website visited Wellington recently and has raved about the Wellington vibe and the quality of our eateries.

In a Dompost interview Gagliardi singles out the Maranui cafe, Hippopotamus, Matterhorn, Martin Bosley’s and Floriditas for special comment. The Dompost quotes her as saying: “For pure soul, the Maranui Cafe was a high point. I loved the whole feeling in there. You have little kids, workmen, guys who had just finished surfing, tourists. It was an eclectic, fun crowd.”

I’m a great fan of the food at several of the Kilbirnie/Lyall Bay  cafes, including  the Maranui cafe, but also the Coutt’s Street cafe and Elements.  Its great to see our local cafes and eateries getting the recognition they deserve!


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