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Worm farms- convenient, and great for the garden!

June 16, 2013

As mentioned in my post on my Feijoa hedge, I maintain that the reason for the great crop of fruit this year was the use of worm castings and worm juice around the base of the trees.

I’m a great fan of worm farms. You can set up the worm bin in a convenient shady spot, somewhere not too far away from the house. They take up  less space than a compost bin, and there’s minimal heavy work. Plus, of course, its environmentally friendly to be sending less organic waste to our landfills!

To keep your worms happy, all you have to do is give them your food scraps and vegetable peelings (they eat most things, including shredded paper, but don’t overdo cooked food, protein rich food, citrus or onion skins). Below is a link to a short video I’ve made on setting up and using a worm farm, just to show how easy it is!

You can buy the worm bins at any hardware store and if you live in Wellington’s Eastern or Southern suburbs, I’d be happy to supply worms to start off, just contact me through this blog!

Sarah Free


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