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Tsunami threat calls for an action plan

September 30, 2013

I’ve talked before about the need for a Tsunami Action Plan for the southern and eastern suburbs. 

The latest study shows that if there is a large local earthquake near Wellington, coastal residents may only have 10-12 minutes to get to high ground. In this case, people will need to know exactly what the plan is. Cars may not be the best option; grabbing family members and running may be better. In any event, I believe we could do with more ways (steps etc) to get quickly to higher ground.

In some instances, Council could simply make more steps up to existing roads and signpost them clearly. In other cases Council could work in partnership with private property owners. For example around Owhiro Bay, Houghton Bay,  Moa Point and Breaker Bay,  property owners may be prepared to cut steps up their hillsides to a safe refuge point, and could receive some Council assistance towards this if they were prepared to let neighbours  use these access points in an emergency.

Any comments?


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