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New social housing for Miramar

October 2, 2013


I received a twitter message this morning: “Marshall court flats coming down, whats happened to the residents?”

After a quick call to  one of the tenancy managers, I can report the following:

The block of 46 bedsit units needed upgrading to make units warmer drier and more energy efficient. They also needed quite a bit of expensive earthquake strengthening, and even then would only be at 70% of code.

Looking at the costings, it became clear that it was more economic to demolish and rebuild. So all the residents have now been relocated to other social housing, in areas of their choice.

Instead of 48 bedsits, the new building will have 27  1 bed units,  designed for older residents and those with disabilities. So there will be wide doorways, wet area bathrooms, cupboards and kitchen facilities to suit the disabled, and a lift for access. As well as double glazing, curtains and good ventilation.

So hopefully good news overall.

As someone who has worked for the last few years in the area of housing and health, I have been heartened by the current Council’s commitment to upgrading its social housing . The new flats are so much more livable, and more economic for residents.

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