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Eastern suburbs cyclists not forgotten

April 7, 2014

With all the focus on the Island Bay to City cycle way, I’d just like to note that the Eastern suburbs  have not been forgotten.

Wellington City Council has engaged Opus International to start consulting with communities in Kilbirnie and Miramar in May this year to find out how best to plan for cycling improvements over the next few years.

The key focus will be on enhancing connectivity to local attractions and services such as shops and schools. Council is keen to hear feedback on the standard to which certain cycling routes should be developed.

It is my understanding that alongside the  development of the new Kilbirnie cycleway/walkway,  there is a reasonably strong proposal to have bike lanes on Onepu Road, and to continue a cycling route through the runway underpass tunnel onto Broadway and through to Miramar and/or Seatoun.

The 2013 census data showed three quarters of  our commuter cyclists currently are men, but I am sure that many more women (and probably some more men and children too!) would cycle if good safe cycle ways were available. Around twenty years ago around a quarter of travel to school was by cycle. (Ministry of Transport, 2009).

I will  post further information  once dates and times for the  consultation process are decided on.


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  1. The fist of these consultations took place two days ago, but involved only representatives of special interest groups such as Cycle Aware Wellington, school groups, urban planners and so on.
    There will be some more general consultation to come , so will keep you posted.

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