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Lets get our buses working

May 1, 2014

Both Councillor Nicola Young (Lambton Ward) and I made independent submissions to Greater Wellington’s draft annual plan in regard to their proposal to raise bus fares yet again.

If they go ahead, it will be the second year in a row that there have been bus fare increases; this at a time when bus patronage is actually falling, and the Regional Council’s rhetoric is all about the need to get more people out of private cars and into public transport.

In summary, my submission asked for three things:

No fare increases;

Prompt introduction of off-peak fare discounts with an immediate trial this winter;

Capped daily fares.

There may be other  solutions to address pricing, and to make public transport appealing and affordable.

However, I couldn’t let this issue pass without at least submitting something.

I will put a link to my full submission once it is published on the GW website.







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  1. Fantastic Sarah! It is crazy to hike fees at a time of falling patronage and to somehow think that residents will flock to public transport. I am a bus user but at times it is cheaper for me to drive which is just crazy.

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